3rd International Jewish music festival-seminar in Moscow
”Yiddish-Fest 2007” 


Moscow educational Centre for Culture and Science “Euro-Class” announces the 3rd International Jewish music festival-seminar “Yiddish-Fest 2007” which will take place in Moscow March 13-18, 2007.
The Festival will be dedicated to the memory of Anatoly Pinsky
“Yiddish-Fest 2007” will include a large Festival concert program with appearances of the most famous performers and ensembles of Jewish music in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states, as well as foreign stars of Klezmer.
Along with the concert program, “Yiddish-Fest” will also include an International music seminar, which will be lead by the most esteemed specialists in the field of Jewish music and culture.
The seminar program includes:

  1. vocal and instrumental master classes;
  2. participation in vocal and instrumental ensembles;
  3. Jewish folk dance lab;
  4. regular jam sessions;
  5. preparation and participation in the final Gala-Concert;
  6. discussions and exchange of experience and knowledge between the participants;

The teachers:
- Grammy Award nominee and world famous Yiddish singer Adrianne Cooper (USA),
- Founder of “The flying Bulgar Klezmer Band”, composer and a famous jazz pianist Marylin Lerner (Canada),
- One of the world’s best Klezmer fiddler, co-founder of the legendary “Klezmatics” band Alicia Svigals (USA),
- Leading traditional Klezmer clarinettist David Krakauer (USA),
- European Klezmer violin virtuosi Stas Rayko and Mark Kovnatsky (Germany),
- Vocal teacher and a popular Jewish singer Efim Cherny (Moldova).
NB The Organizing Committee is not looking for foreign ensembles/bands/shows who want to work at the Festival and expect to be paid for their participation!

Organizational matters
Costs for participation:
$150 for Russian and CIS citizens
$500 for citizens of other countries
(The cost includes full tuition: accommodation, meals and the seminar program).
Participants pay for their own transportation.
The organizing committee has a limited amount of free places (scholarships), which based on the decision of the assessment panel and available funds will be awarded to the most active figures in Jewish culture.
Free places will also be given to honored guests and teachers of “Yiddish-Fest 2007”. A system of partial/full payment for especially talented applicants, for whom the full tuition might be a financial burden, will be set aside in the “Yiddish-Fest 2007” scholarship fund.
The festival has limited capacity. Candidates for participation must fill out an application and send it to the organizing committee (form enclosed), along with (for instrumentalists and singers) samples of their material in any audio or video format in advance.
Application forms must be submitted by 20/01/07. The organizing committee will not consider any applications received after the indicated date. The organizing committee will announce its decision no later than 15/02/07.
Contact information:

  1. e-mail: yiddish-fest@mail.ru
  2. postal address: Russia, 115093, Moscow, Stremjanniy per., 33/35 (for "Euro-Class").


  1. Application form
  2. Seminar program draft

Changes are possible in the concert and seminar program!
leader of the ´Yiddish-Fest 2007ª Organizing committee
Anna Pinsky