Белорусский крем обертывание баня сауна массаж

Test Your Yiddish Skills

(answers are at the end)

1) Which one of these people might best be described as "zoftig?"

A) Callista Flockhart
B) Lara Flynn Boyle
C) Kirstie Alley
D) Woody Allen

2) You're driving around in eckveldt (the boondocks) and have no idea where you are. You are:

A) farblunget
B) farklempt
C) fartoost
D) farshvitzed

3) You found it! The Holy Grail! A $2000 designer dress for just $39.95! You've found a:

A) mechaiyeh
B) mishpucheh
C) machashafer
D) metziah

4) Which one of these people has a "ferbisseneh punim?"
A) Michael Jackson
B) Leona Helmsley
C) Barbara Walters
D) Julia Roberts

5) He eats like a pig and wipes his face with the back of his hand. He farts and picks his nose at the dinner table. He curses like a drunken sailor. He's a real:

A) shnorror
B) gonif
C) grubber yung
D) mensch

6) Which of these is NOT a body part?
A) poulkie
B) potchki
C) pupik
D) punim

7) Which of these is NOT an insult:
A) shana maydel
B) shmegeggie
C) shmendrik
D) shlub

8) You've gone to a wild party where you've been downing vodka jello shots like candy. You can barely stand up anymore, and you've made a fool of yourself in front of everyone you know. You are totally, completely:

A) fershtayst
B) farblunget
C) ferchadded
D) fershikert

9) Which of these things would you never find at a kosher restaurant?
A) shmaltz
B) luckshen kugel
C) treyf
D) kasha varnishkes

10) Of these various uses of "kishka", which one is incorrect?
A) "Yes, waiter. I'll have the roast chicken with a side order of kishka."
B) "That Yetta, she's such a piece of kishka!"
C) "After twenty years of keeping secrets, he finally went to a shrink and spilled my kishkas."
D) "If anyone ever tried to mug me, boy, I'd give him such a chamalyiah in the kishkas!"

Answers to Quiz:

Question 1 =C~ Kirstie Alley

Question 2 =A~ farblunget

Question 3 =D~ metziah

Question 4 = B~ Leona Helmsley

Question 5 =C~ grubber yung

Question 6 = B~ potchki

Question 7 =A~ shana maydel

Question 8 =D~ fershikert

Question 9 =C~ treyf

Question 10 = B~ "That Yetta, she's such a piece of kishka!"